Myths and Reality

Every day, in the context of investigating cases and informing the public, we often encounter misconceptions about security and cybercrime is. We have prepared this list of 10 myths and what is really going on, in order to help the public properly inform about these dangers and beware of them.

  1. My Business is too small for a cyber attack
  2. Just having an Anti-virus is good enough
  3. My password is strong
  4. My industry is not affected by cyber threats
  5. Bringing your own device is safe
  6. Our cyber security system is perfect
  7. Cyber threats are only external
  8. IT Department is only responsible for security
  9. We don’t need cyber tests or training
  10. Malware can be seen right away
  1. Hackers don’t care about the scale of your business
  2. No anti-virus or anti-malware can keep your system safe from attacks
  3. No password can be 100% secure
  4. Hackers target whatever they can
  5. It becomes a whole new entry point for hackers
  6. You can never be so sure about cybersecurity ever
  7. 75% of data breaches are a result of someone on the inside
  8. The responsibility lies on each employees shoulders
  9. You need to regularly conduct pentest and training
  10. Most sophisticated viruses sit on your computer avoiding detection